The Georgian Wine Story

Winemaking Regions

Georgia’s mild climate and humid air, affected by the Black Sea, provide the ideal conditions for vine cultivation.  The Greater Caucasus Mountains act as a barrier that shields Georgia from cold air from the north. Situated on the eastern shores of the Black Sea, Georgia’s western range is open to the warm and moist air. This self-contained country is shielded from the extremes in temperature, allowing vines to be protected from both harsh sun and bitter cold.

There are over 4000 grape varieties around the world, and 500+ of them came from Georgia, with 38 grown for commercial winemaking today. Many traditional Georgian grape varietals are still less known in the world.

Up to 70% of the Georgian wine is made from the grapes harvested from the region Kakheti. The climate in Kakheti is relatively dry with an average annual precipitation of 800 millimeters.

Georgian Wine Map

The Qvevri Winemaking

Central to Georgian’s unique wine culture is the Qvevri—the large egg-shaped clay vessels (often 1,000+ liters) which are buried underground to keep temperatures constant during fermentation and aging. Grapes are fermented with their skins, stalks and pips, giving rich, structured, tannic wines. The same method for making red wines is used for whites, yielding amber wines, which can develop aromas of dried apricots, orange peel, nuts, and an exotic array of spices.

Wine Making Process_16x9 v02

Georgia: The Cradle of Wine

In 2015, scientists studying the history of agriculture uncovered ancient clay vessels dating back 8,000 years at an archeological dig in southeastern Georgia.
Researchers analyzing the residue contained within the vessels (the remains of grapes and grape seeds) dated the material to 6000 BCE, making ancient Georgia the first known location of grape winemaking. Georgian winemaking practices existed 3,000 years before the invention of writing and 5,000 years before the start of the Iron Age.

Vinearth is honoured to partner Georgian National Wine Agency (GNWA) to introduce Georgian wines to Singapore.
Watch this documentary produced by GNWA to learn more about the unique heritage of Georgian winemaking.

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