The Cradle of Wine

8000 years of winemaking


A taste of Georgia

Nestled between the Caspian and Black seas—where Europe and Asia intersect, Georgia is home to the oldest unbroken winemaking tradition in the world. Boasting a rich, 8,000-year of continuous winemaking tradition, 525 indigenous grape varieties, and a unique wine culture, Georgian wine has undoubtedly sparked international interest.

What started as a wild exploration of the Caucuses and a light-hearted vacation to Georgia, has sparked an idea among five Singaporeans to bring a piece of our experience back to Singapore. We are eager to unearth the unique wines of Georgia and bring them to you. Join us to discover these exquisite, yet under-celebrated wine producers and let your senses travel through Georgia today!

500+ grape varieties native to Georgia
8000 years of continuous winemaking tradition
Unique winemaking in Qvevri

Vinearth's Cellar

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